August 01, 2006

Full Clty Coffee, 409 Grand St. Lower East Side

Coffee: *****


Coffee of the Day: Ethiopia Harrar

Offerings: Pastries in the A.M. coffee, espresso beverages. Soup, sandwiches, desserts in the afternoon.

Unique Drinks: Vietnamese Iced Coffee, dark roasted coffee mixed with chicory and sweetened condensed milk. Thai Iced Tea, spiced black tea mixed with sweetened, condensed milk.

Special treats: Mississippi Mud Bar, Reeses Peanut Butter Bar

Interior: Window seat in the front as well as a bench out front for people watching. Wooden tables inside as well as a comfy couch and coffee table for ultimate relaxation. Books and magazines throughout the cafe for your reading enjoyment. Artwork on the wall by local artists makes the place feel like it is truly for the people.

Music: Chosen by the barista on shift. 80's pop, Bob Marley, PJ Harvey, you name it.

Clientele: Wide demographic. working professionals as well as stay at home moms (and dads!). Teens, senior citizens, and every age in between.

Free WiFi: Yes

Credit Cards: Coming soon (by now, probably a yes.)

Barista: Me, for one, I used to work here. A mix of artists-actors, writers, dancers.

Extras: Full City Book Club-take a book from the library and leave one in its place, simple as that. Artwork on the wall that is for sale.

Notes: The brie and avocado sandwich rocks!

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